Author: Dana

Pen and Fire – New Blog

Hey everyone,

I’m starting up a new writing blog. I’ve been using this one to mostly post drafts of poems / lyrics / short works, but I’ve decided to begin anew with something more official. As such, I don’t plan to post at Myriad of Mementos going forward because I’d like to consolidate everything in one place. That means I’ll still be posting poetry over there (though I will aim for more polished pieces, and some of my old ones here might be recycled & updated) along with a host of other writing topics.

I will leave Myriad up for a bit longer, but I am considering closing the site after awhile. In which case, I do plan to re-post my favorites at my new blog (the halfway decent ones, in my opinion) over the course of time. But just a heads up.

I want to say thank you to all my readers and followers, whoever you are – I hope you enjoyed this place even a little bit, and it’s certainly been fun for me! Please join me at Pen and Fire.

Much love,