About Me

For the curious wanderer, or the stalker, or simply the bored:

I am an only child, and you are probably right when you think that makes me at least a little spoiled. I am a Christian, and our culture may call me intolerant, but I believe Love rejoices with Truth. I am a college student, but I believe a good time can be had without alcohol and sex. I am an engineer by profession, but in my spare time I would rather spin tales than write code. I am a realist in living, but I prefer my happy endings in storytelling. I am an introvert, but I will be your friend as long as you are willing. I give my friendship easily, but my trust sparingly. If I could wish for one virtue, like the Cowardly Lion in Oz, I would wish for courage, because sometimes I fear too many things too much, and like C.S. Lewis said, “Courage is the form of every virtue at the testing point.” I love to laugh, and often at things that are not funny, and you may call me mad, and you just might be right.





  1. Um… It’s been some time. So I thought I would leave you a message, but I didn’t see any message button so I’m commenting here. Hi, it’s Lilly! I just wanted to say hello! How are you doing? I hope you are doing well!

    1. Hey Lilly! Good to hear from you, and thanks for writing me. I’ve been doing pretty well, though life is busy these days. I’m actually thinking of starting up an official writing blog & might close this one down in the near future, but I’ll post a note.

      I’m sorry I haven’t really stayed in touch, but I’d love to hear how you’re doing too. Where can I send you a private message?

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